How The Growth of Android App Development Affects Mobile Market

Android devices are marketed by Google and it allows several individuals and companies for marketing and promoting apps in these smartphone’s. Android being used by countless mobile users is of high demand in the mobile industry and people prefer to download many apps as long when they like it. With the invention of laptops, this feared that the market of mobile phones will go down since laptops were available for cheap rates and people preferred to them instead of a desktop. However when mobile phones started giving access to web world, via wireless connectivity, it overpower the development of laptops in very small. More number of android users started downloading apps from the Google’s store and hence the industry of android app development started growing with full vigor.
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Earlier people depend around the services of laptops and desktops for accessing internet, but now everything can be done just by a pocket device called android mobile phone. The mobile technology became so improved that corporate sectors entirely relied on the mobile phone handsets for staying connected using customers worldwide. Business starts to prosper across the globe and it was easier for the businessmen to reach their customers who were at the other end of world just by single message. With the introduction of latest model mobile systems, more and more apps were being added towards the store for facilitating its usage. Hence with the growth of android phones, which is actually of android app development also witnessed rapid growth.

Earlier, the programmers who charged low rates have now begin to ask for prime rats for outputting their service. Online business flourished at its peak and additionally the most established organization started to make online businesses for attracting its online customers. There was huge demand for latest model android phones and this placed high demand on the development of apps. Once it was announced in the media about the launch of latest model mobile phones, customers eagerly placed orders for buying this task. This shows how far the involving mobile industry is as well as it’s growth squarely reflected the progress of android app development programmers. They became more responsible for delivering the best quality apps and software solutions for attracting the customers.

Millions of mobile users found apps provided high range of entertainment therefore they started buying mobiles limited to the sake of downloading plenty of apps. Motor scooter are definitely found apps were so interesting and appealing for some reasons. The development of apps just did not stop with one category of audience alone. Apps were created for keeping updated with the latest happenings in the world, for entertaining the client when he was traveling long way, for relaxing him through range of music and video extras.

Overall, it can be said that the involving android app development used the growth of mobile phone handsets since both are mutually dependent on each other. In short, apps will survive as long as mobiles are there.

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