Internet Explorer 6 Removal Tool

You are experiencing problems with the reinstall of Internet Explorer 6, you need to uninstall the software before trying to repair or upgrade to a newer form. Normally, people can uninstall Internet Explorer 6 with the instructions provided here.

Solution 1.Remove Internet Explorer 6 use Add or Remove Programs wizard of Control Panel from personal computer with the following steps:

Open the start menu and select Control Panel.

Double-click the Add or Remove Programs option to open the corresponding window.

Locate and select Internet Explorer 6 listed within the Add or Remove Programs and select Remove.

Select all checkboxes for a screen to choose the Industry 6 well-developed to remove and proceed with eliminating process. To ensure complete uninstall, you must uninstall all Internet Explorer 6 formats.

Restart laptop after the uninstall process is completely finish.

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Solution two, forcibly uninstall Internet Explorer 6 through hard drive where software package is installed with Web browser 6 removal tool.

In some cases, if the Internet Explorer 6 still exists after you have uninstalled it with method one, then force uninstall the directory is important or program files from it with the next steps:

Open My Computer.

Navigate to Program Files folder of Internet Explorer 6 in the hard drive. For example, C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer 6.)

Locate all files of the Internet Explorer 6 start off the force uninstall.

Finally, open the Add or Remove Programs again to check up the progress of getting rid of.

If the net Explorer 6 cannot be removed using the above instruction, you can download a reliable software uninstaller which simply cannot only uninstall all files of Ie 6 but also automatically clean up the left registry information of the program. If you couldn’t locate a proper software uninstaller, you can resort to Internet Explorer 6 Uninstall Helper internet sites.

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