This Girl Crossed Every Effing Limit

This Girl Crossed Every Effing Limit By Taking Blood Bath To Stay Young Forever

Teenagers will be bloodcurdling few times and we have been found some craziest thing like eating placenta and nbsp. Even there are some people who are bathing in the blood and want to be young forever. This is real shit that I have ever found in the internet.

There was a Californian vegetarian model and has the phobia of aging. So, she has to overcome from this issue then she started bathing in the pig blood. Yuck. She actually said this thing on the MTV’s true life section. She says ”I always loved staying young.”

Then she continued that she feels like thousands of years ago…people did this and it worked.

She feels that she is very lucky enough who is allowed near Chanel as she transmits a case of olds. Really we feel how wacky is he?

Actually Chanel was inspired by the movie called Carrie. She has to use the cow’s blood but she uses the pig blood over it. Then she rubs the blood to all over her body and swiftly until the blood touches it.

There are lots of systematic plans are there where she daily takes a mixed garlic powder, sage, balsamic vinaigrette, and olive oil, and wash her face ten times a day. I think she is a weird about these things..

. You know she’s Chanel who has a Phobia of Ageing.

She even eats placenta to stay young for long time

She baths daily in pig blood and says that she can do anything to just stay young. How creep she must be?


She’s Chanel who has phobia of ageing

She eats placenta to stay young

She bathes in pig blood and says she can do anything just to stay young…how creepy people are!

Even this teen picks up the blood in a local butcher.

The people asked to her to eat the pork or beef but she says that she will not eat meat.

She even examines the blood before going to take bath through that blood.

Chanel says the feeling of her that she wants to own soft skin and she will soaks in the blood too.

It is the modern era and we are all in the 21st century where people go to the medical and yoga treatment for these kinds of things. It’s truly cruel of harming innocent animals for our benefits. How they innocent feel where they are used for such creep things and for the weird people. It should be banned otherwise it will go nowhere.

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