Top 10 places to visit in New York

New York is the world famous city of United States, which is famous for its beautiful buildings, skyscrapers, sightseeing, and the night life. Thousands of tourists come here to visit the developing city. Here you will found many historic monuments, famous museums, popular empire state building and several parks and gardens. New York is one of the powerful and active city of world, and also counting in most developed city. The prominent and dominant places in New York which you must visit, during the trip are:

  1. Statue of Liberty:

The statue of liberty is the symbol of freedom and peace, and built in 1886, and it is most famous icon of America. This is approximately 152 feet tall and consider as world’s tallest statue. The statue is stated in Liberty Island, and if you want to visit then a short boat ride also available for you.

  1. Empire State Building:

The building is the most famous landmark of New York City. The Empire State has two observations atop, the 86th floor observatory is 1,050 feet and included with electric elevators, and covered with glass, the 2nd observatory is 1250 feet high. On clear day you can watch these structures from 80 miles distance.


  1. Central Park:

The central park zoo includes central park zoo, the lake used for skating in cold seasons and paddling in summer. The park area is large and beautiful location of New York City; it is not only the jungle of bricks and concrete, but also with natural beauty of trees, flowers and plants.


  1. Fifth Avenue:

Fifth Avenue is highlight of New York City. Many of tourists come here to visit, here you will found most expensive streets for shopping, and here you can taste the luxurious items.


  1. Brooklyn Bridge:

Brooklyn bridge is the most old and famous bridge of New York City. It was built in 1883;the bridge connects Manhattan to Brooklyn beyond east River. Near about 120,000 vehicles crosses the bridge every day. It is counted as popular landmark of United States.


  1. Times Square:

Millions of tourists come to Time square every year. The place is one of the most visited places of world. You will find here all kind of attraction and entertainment; here you will feel surely that New York City never sleeps.


  1. Rockefeller Center:

This is the superb and huge complex including 19 buildings and consider as New York precious treasure. During Christmas the Rockefeller center transforms into impressive entertaining area, with lights, and skating field.


  1. Grand Center Terminal:

Grand terminal is the attractive station of New York; here you can watch the beautiful clock, made with pearl glass. There is also a waiting room for passengers and the train track, including Oyster Bar.


  1. September 11 Memorial:

This was constructed for giving the honor to those who killed in 11 September 2001. The memorial have beautiful pools, engraved their names on bronze plates.


  1. High line:

The place is the historic public park;the park is operated and managed by friends of high line, which took care of preservation of plants and trees. Many tourists come here to visit every year.


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