Ways to Setup Gmail Notifier

With the Gmail notifier settings you will be able to know when you a great Email in your Gmail inbox. No matter what operating system you are using, may be it is your Windows Vista operating system or others, every time you receive some new forms of Email in your Gmail account, the Gmail notifier will inform you that some Email message is waiting for you in your inbox.
The notification process includes a small window that you want to on your Windows Vista or other operating system desktop. You can be aware of the pop up window at right hand corner at the base of your desktop. With this small pop-up, Gmail will let you know about the person who sent you a message via Email. You will also be able to get a preview of the sent mail message. Depending on your preview you will analyze the importance of the email.

If you click more than a notifier, you will be directly taken to the e-mail that has been stored into your Gmail email address. But, if in case, you feel that the solution is not that important and you want to delete, you have to open your Gmail account and delete it because direct erasing of the message from your notifier is not possible.

With such kind of notifier you can be able to set the Gmail considering the default program of Email. So whenever you click on the links of Email in the Web page, you will be directed to the Gmail account from where discover send Emails.

The processes of Setting up Gmail Notifier

For setting up a Gmail notifier you want to follow the below mentioned processes:

1.From the page of Gmail discover the link Settings.

2.Then scroll down and click on Get the Gmail Notifier in the Settings page.

3.As soon whenever you clicked on all these option, a window will be opened which will anyone with some download help and advice.

4.Then select with the option Save To Disk and afterwards click on Well. If you find an option of saving the programs then save those towards desktop which will help you to find the programs easier.

5.From your desktop icon double click the GmailInstaller. As soon as you have clicked it start downloading.

6.Read carefully the agreements of the license agreement and click on I agree.

7.Select on “Standard” and install. Then choose if you want to set the Gmail notifier to jog during its financial services. Additionally if you are trying to utilize the notifier of Gmail for the outgoing email select on Next.

8.In its following step you will be asked about the location for downloading the Gmail notifier. Then click Next.

9.Then click on Install.

10.When you have successfully completed installing the Gmail notifier click on the button Close.

11.Now you probably view a small envelope at value of getting hand corner on the bottom of the desktop.

Now you have successfully installed Gmail notifier in your Windows Vista main system or other os’s and it is just about to be used. Happy Emailing!

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